Sinha Cafe is a Cafe located in Sri Lanka. It is one of the 4302 cafes in Sri Lanka. Address of Sinha Cafe is Ambepussa, Sri Lanka. Sinha Cafe can be contacted at 94715865293. Sinha Cafe has quite many listed places around it and we are covering at least 63 places around it on Sinha Cafe is rated 4.5 (out of 5 stars) by 46 reviewers on the web.

Some of the places around Sinha Cafe are -

Thilina Motors Ambepussa (Used motorcycle dealer) 344/1, dewala junction, Kandy Rd, Ambepussa, Sri Lanka (approx. 435 meters)
Sinha Cafe (Cafe) Ambepussa, Sri Lanka (approx. 100 meters)
Awanhala (Restaurant) Kandy Road, Ambepussa 11212, Sri Lanka (approx. 240 meters)
Singha Cafe (Restaurant) Ambepussa, Sri Lanka (approx. 109 meters)
Perera & Sons (Restaurant) Colombo - Kandy Rd, Ambepussa, Sri Lanka (approx. 275 meters)
VISHWA CHANDRA INDIAN RESTAURANT AND TRANSIT HOTEL No. 343, Kandy road, Ambepussa, Warakapola, Sri Lanka (approx. 435 meters)
Ambepussa Rest House (Restaurant) A1, Ambepussa, Sri Lanka (approx. 290 meters)
Piyadasa Thalaguli Falcon Hotel (Restaurant) A1, Ambepussa, Sri Lanka (approx. 195 meters)
Long Teng Chinese Restaurant (Restaurant) No.347,Kandy road,Ambepussa,Warakapola, A1 A1, Ambepussa, Sri Lanka (approx. 434 meters)
Jinadasa Thalaguli (Restaurant) Colombo - Kandy Rd, Ambepussa, Sri Lanka (approx. 171 meters)

Within less than half a Kilo meter of Sinha Cafe, you can also find Hotel Sobavee, Cargills Food City Express, Laugfs Eco Sri - Vehicle Emission Testing Center- Warakapola, Prasadi Salon, Saloon Dinelka, Sobavee, The Heritage Ambepussa, Digi Edit - Digital Marketing Services, Anuruddha Motor House, Elsa, LK Naras Traders, Shekha's Grocery, Orchid Enterprises, LAUGFS ECO SRI Vehicle Emission Testing Center - Warakapola, Commercial Bank, K Tech Engineering Service, Ambepussa Taxi & Rent A Car, Ambepussa, Combank ATM, Sri Badrakali Dewalaya and many more.




Ambepussa, Sri Lanka



What is the contact Number of Sinha Cafe?

Contact number of Sinha Cafe is 94715865293.

What is rating of Sinha Cafe?

Rating of Sinha Cafe is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What is the address of Sinha Cafe?

Address of Sinha Cafe is Ambepussa, Sri Lanka.

What is the Sinha Cafe?

Sinha Cafe is a Cafe in Sri Lanka

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